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Towing a Trailer

Put a small sticker in the middle of the back window of your car – when you look in your mirror it will indicate where the tow bar is and you should be able to line it up well when you reverse.

Get someone to show you how to hitch up a trailer if you have never done it before – it is easier than it looks at first! Mind your fingers! Remember to connect up the safety wire and the electric socket. Check that your lights are working before you pull out. 

Make sure that all the doors are closed securely, that the pony is tied loosely but effectively and that any buckets or shovels inside the trailer are tied down.

Pull out slowly and remember you have no back mirror. Use your side mirrors frequently and take corners steady and wide. 

Go very easy on roundabouts – ponies hate them!

Anticipate the road ahead!  Use your brakes softly and evenly, cruising gently to a standstill.

If you can’t get out of a tight space at the end of an event, ask for help!

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