Flatwork & Pole work Training, Castlehill Equestrian Centre, Wednesday 13th April,

Monday 20th July 9am -----Thursday 23ed July 4pm, Sulmur Farm

What to bring for Mini Camp - Please read carefully.

What to wear: Plain jodphurs, Pony Club Sweatshirt, Pony Club T Shirt, Pony Club Tie, Pony Club badge, Back Protector, Hat, Boots- all clean

Gloves, whip

Rain Gear

Sun Screen/insect repellent

Pony Club Manual

Any perpetual trophy won at camp last year.

Packed Lunch

For Your Pony


Pony (must be fit with mane pulled, tail tidy and hind shoes removed)

2 Buckets


Grooming Kit

1 Tail Bandage

Feed/Hay/Haylege(if stabled)/Haynets

1 Bridle - in good repair

1 Saddle - in good repair

Sweat sheet

2 Numnahs-Clean

Stable rug/Outdoor rug (if required by your pony)

1 Head Collar & Rope

1 Fork 1 Shovel 1 Yard Brush (or share),Wheelbarrow (or share)

Please organise sharing before camp begins.

Even if you pony is being kept outdoors you will need some of this equipment to clean out standing areas used during the day.

Saddle, Soap & Cleaning Gear for Tack

Please have ALL ITEMS and CLOTHING clearly LABELLED.

Can adults please contact Sheila Finnamore on 086-0529212 to book in on either day time bun rota or staff lunch.

Neither option requires the person to stay, just to supply at the beginning of the day.

If you don't book, you will be allocated a slot.

Buns will be needed for 30 children and lunch for 6 staff each day


Mini camp fun day on Friday concludes with a fancy dress competition, show jumping and prize giving.

Times TBC and parents are encouraged to attend and cheer on the children.


*No Mobile Phones will be allowed during instruction and activities at camp.

Contact can be made through the DCs, Committee or Helpers on the day and we would ask Parents/Guardians to co-operate with this Rule.

*Please notify us, in advance, of any special DIETARY or MEDICAL requirements your child may have.

*Children are required to stay on site AT ALL TIMES unless accompanied by a Louth Hunt Pony Club Committee member, parent, guardian or other person nominated by one of the above. If for any reason a parent/guardian needs to collect his/her child, please make sure to notify a DC or DC's representative and sign out child in Sign In/Sign Out book.

*At the end of the camp ALL members will be required to clean up and leave Sulmur House in exactly the same condition as it was on arrival.

*For convenience and to cut down on cost, each family will be requested to take home a bag of rubbish and place in their own waste bin at home.

*Louth Hunt Pony Club Shop will be in attendance on Tuesday morning 10th July.

*On arrival, horseboxes to park in field to the right of top yard

*ALL members will be expected to assist with the removal of horse droppings from the arenas. Removal of horse droppings from the arenas is policy at Sulmur House and needs to be complied with. There is equipment on site to facilitate this.

*Prize giving will take place after Tidy Up on Friday at approximately 2.30pm. Parents/guardians are all invited to attend this.

*A €50 deposit has been paid and there is an updated online facility to pay the balance. Please go to the online entry page of the Louth Hunt Pony Club Website to do so.

*During the week parents/guardians will be expected to supply buns and cakes.

N B: Social Media Usage

Louth Hunt Pony Club would like parents/guardians/members to be aware that children using the social media websites such as Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat can leave themselves vulnerable to inappropriate comments, messages, photos etc.

It is important to note that Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat require everyone to be at least 13 years of age before they can create an account.

It needs to be remembered that some children under the age of 13 can "follow" older children. This can lead to underage children witnessing inappropriate data on devices.

The Louth Hunt Pony Club is not in a position to monitor, control or deal with social media usage, so therefore we are asking you, parents and guardians, to advise your child about usage of same. Parents/guardians will be contacted if any social media issues arise and both parties (members and their parents/guardians) will be asked to personally resolve any issues of concern.

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