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Back Protectors Standards 2018

The BETA 2000 Body Protector standard will not be permitted for use at 2018 IPC competitions.

A Body Protector which is EN13158: 2009 Level 3 or BETA Level 3 (Purple Label) manufactured in the year 2009 or after, is mandatory for Cross Country, cross country schooling and whenever else a body protector is worn.  

Members are strongly recommended to check their body protectors on a regular basis and to replace them if damaged. A body protector should not impede flexibility or balance.

Random checks will be made to ensure that the correct body protector is being worn, but it is the responsibility of every member to ensure they are wearing the correct dress (protective headgear, back protectors etc) during competition, in line with current IPC Rules.

In the interests of child safety, parents are requested to please ensure that their child's  riding hat meets the current Hat Standards before attending any Pony Club activity.

Hat Standards 2017

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