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Mounted Games

It is the object of the Irish Pony Club Mounted Games Committee to encourage a high standard of riding, sportsmanship and fun amongst Mounted Games players. The competitions that are organised are designed for ordinary children on ordinary ponies and require courage, determination and all-round riding ability on the part of the rider, and careful and systematic training of the pony.

Mounted Games is:





What is Mounted Games?

Mounted games are a fun discipline in the pony club with a competitive element. Mounted games are played as a team in the pony club. Each team is made up of four or five members who compete in a series of different races. Games encourage children to improve their flexability, teamwork, balance and to have lots of FUN!

There are three age categories in mounted games competitions:

  • Under 10's

  • Juniors

  • Seniors

Under 10s

Under 10's were introduced in 2001 to encourage younger members to play
games and have fun while learning to ride.Younger members can be lead and/or helped to remount. The spirit of these games is friendly good fun and not competitive. 


Junior players are members under 13yrs on January 1st of the current year.

Junior teams must play at the Area Qualifier in their own Area to qualify for the Irish Pony Club Festival.

Juniors play a series of games in heats. There are 29 possible games that can be played involving various skills. The games to be played in each heat are drawn on the day. In the event of a tie breaker a race will be run to determine the winner.


Seniors must not have attained their 16th Birthday by the 1st January of the current year. Seniors can qualifiy for either the RDS finals or the B final at the Irish Pony Club festival. Seniors play many of the same games as juniors but at a higher level of skill. 

The R.D.S. Qualifiers are on a league basis over 3 competitions, plus a final. The league scoring will be on the basis of 10 points for, 9 points for 2nd place, 8 points for 3rd, place etc. The six teams that qualify for the RDS after the league must compete in the RDS with the same riders and ponies that took part in the final of the league. Changes will only be allowed under exceptional circumstances

RDS Qualifiers

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