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Hunting Etiquette

The Masters of the Louth Hunt welcome children from the Louth Hunt Pony Club but like any club or organization they have certain rules that need to be adhered to for safety etc.

The Louth Hunt meets twice a week Saturday and Wednesday. Some Meets are more suitable than others for children, as some of the drains/hedges/walls/wire etc. can be quite large, so before deciding to go out it is necessary for children to get clearance from one of the Masters. 

a)       Children must have their own adult minders at all times as hunting is considered a dangerous sport – max 2 children per adult.

b)       Children must be polite and on their best behavior at all times and do as instructed.

c)       Child must be capable of managing their own Pony/horse.

d)       Children must be properly dressed.

e)       Must have the correct cap (money) ready to give to Ms Shirley or Mrs Jane Angel. 

The following is a list of some of the do’s and don’ts of Hunting. The following does not just apply to the Children’s Meet but it also applies to regular hunting days.

  • Follow instructions of Masters, Field Masters at all times.  Never pass the Master out. 

  • Always make sure gates are closed and report any damage to Field Master immediately. 

  • Never go through yards with livestock. 

  • When crossing country (fields belonging to farmers etc) keep tight to the headland (side nearest the bushes NEVER cross through the centre) in single file. 

  • Parents – on Arrival Park considerately, do not block roads or entrances and keep the area clean. 

  • No person is to use wire cutters. 

  • Dress properly and arrive on time, late arrivals must join the hunt on the road ONLY. 

  • Stay behind the Field Master and never ride up on the hounds. 

  • “Gate Shutters” are crucial to hunting never miss your day and always bring the necessary fencing materials. 


Hunting is a sport that is steeped in tradition and in keeping with these traditions you are expected to present yourself and your pony/horse in a certain fashion.

Some days out on the hunting field can be very, very cold and wet - you don’t have to be miserable if you are well prepared so remember to wear plenty of layers under your shirt rather than just a shirt and jacket. Adults and children alike put something small in their pockets to eat ie sandwich or some chocolate bars – remember not throw your papers/packaging away put it in your pocket to bin after the hunt.  

Children must wear the following: -

  • Tweed jacket with coloured stock or black or blue jacket with white stock

  • White or colored stock shirt or shirt with collar.

  • Cream or white jodhpurs (Tights under jodhpurs are great for keeping out the cold.)

  • Colored stock (not a white stock) in the event of not having a colored stock please wear your pony club tie.

  • Stock pin and Gloves (black or brown)

  • Black/brown leather or PVC boots.

  • Approved Riding Hat.

  • Body Protector.

  • Girls usually wear a hairnet if their hair is long.

  • Make sure to bring spare clothes incase of accidents.

You’re Pony/Horse

Your pony/horse must be turned out properly:-

  • If it’s too cold to wash your pony make sure he is well groomed i.e. no mud or grass stains on his/her coat.

  • Ponies/horses manes should be plaited.

  • Tails should be clean and brushed.

  • Tack should be spotless.

  • It is usual for animals to wear boots to protect their legs.

  • Bring your usual First Aid Kit that you would bring to a Cross Country Event/Hunter Trials etc.

  • Sweat sheet for after the hunt.

  • Hay net for horse box. 

If you follow the rules above you will have a fantastic day to remember!

When the Hunt is over do not forget to thank the Masters for allowing you out.

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